A Revolution in Construction: Hand in Hand with Nature

Part of the accompanying programme for 'Timber Rising: Vertical Visions for the Cities of Tomorrow'

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As part of the exhibition Timber Rising: Vertical Visions for the Cities of Tomorrow, we asked ‘Can the use of natural materials to build our cities help safeguard people from the effects of climate change, increased pollution, alienation and mental health issues?’ 

As urban densification and vertical housing become inevitable, we asked whether constructing with materials such as cross-laminated timber (CLT), in which nature is enhanced by technology, can offer sustainable solutions that also promote wellbeing. 

Panellists included; Michael Ramage, Centre for Natural Material Innovation, University of Cambridge; Elina Grigoriou, Grigoriou Interiors Ltd; Dr Layla McCay, Centre of Urban Design and Mental Health and Kevin Flanagan, PLP Architecture 


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