Roca Recommends: New Book by Hamza Shaikh – ‘Drawing Attention: Architecture in the Age of Social Media’

Already available for purchasing on RIBA’s website and Amazon

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RIBA has recently published a book written by our new exhibition Vanishing Points curator Hamza Shaikh.

Hamza’s new book ‘Drawing Attention – Architecture in the Age of Social Media’ (Routledge, February 2023) explores the evolution of architectural drawings in the digital age fuelled by social media. Providing a peek behind the illustrative curtain, this book demystifies the techniques used to create the most outstanding drawings appearing in social media today. Offering lessons that many architecture and art schools don’t teach, it’s an essential guide for architecture students and designers, featuring profiles from highly regarded illustrators, thinkers and emerging architectural influencers. Covering a mixture of styles, concepts and media – whether hand-drawn or the product of hybrid or digital techniques – it gives a detailed breakdown of a diverse range of drawing processes alongside technical tips and concept inspirations. With chapters shining light on the future of the profession, as well as providing a plethora of practical tips for students and professionals interested in drawing, it is a uniquely important handbook for those with artistic and entrepreneurial flair.

Purchase the book on RIBA’s website or Amazon.


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