Final Week – Drawing Attention: The Digital Culture of Contemporary Architectural Drawings

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At the crossroads of architecture and information environments, resides the promise and the speculative future of the drawing. Its capacity to structure, imagine, realise, speculate, transform, politicise, and activate makes the drawing an enduring vehicle for the discipline. DRAWING ATTENTION poses the question: can drawings posit possible futures that eschew vaporisation and establish architecture as an agile and critical agent in contemporary digital culture?curators Jeremy Ficca, Grace La and Amy Kulper.


This week marks the final days of our current exhibition Drawing Attention: The Digital Culture of Contemporary Digital Drawings. Featuring a collection of some seventy contemporary drawings, the exhibition includes entries from Sheila O’Donnell of O’Donnell+Tuomey, CJ Lim and Jimenez Lai. From drawings devised from code and augmented reality to representations of weather log data and projected glitches, this exhibition seeks to understand the role of digital drawing today and the future it forecasts.

Until Saturday 11th January 2020.


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