Exhibition Event | Vanishing Points: Film Screening + Meet the Contributors

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On the 7th June, Roca London Gallery hosted an exclusive premiere film screening of short film ‘Vanishing Points – the socio-digital era of architecture’ and a double panel discussion. This offered an exciting opportunity to meet the Vanishing Points exhibition contributors and get truly under the surface of this fascinating topic.

This one-of-a-kind event showcased the short documentary film made by emerging architectural filmmaker Khizr Studio, followed by two panel discussions with the multi-talented contributors to the Vanishing Points film, exhibition and Drawing Attention publication.

This ‘Netflix-style’ short film documents the behind-the-scenes journey to creating and curating the exhibition. It also showcases the drawing philosophies and processes behind the works of contemporary architectural influencers.

The panel discussions and Q&A followed the film screening, where we heard from the following esteemed guests:

Mohammed Khizr – Film Maker (Producer of Vanishing Points – the socio-digital era in architecture)

Thomas Rowntree – Social Media Entrepreneur (Media and Marketing lead)

Adam Dudley-Mallick – Student, Animation Artist (Project Assistance)

Hamza Shaikh – Architect, Author, Artist (Curator of Vanishing Points, Editor of Drawing Attention)

Bea Martin – Senior Lecturer, Writer, Artist (Contributor to Vanishing Points and Drawing Attention)

Veronika Ikonikova – Architect, Artist (Contributor to Vanishing Points and Drawing Attention)

Hammad Haider – Architectural Designer, Artist (Contributor to Drawing Attention)

Areesha Khalid – Architectural Designer, Artist (Contributor to Drawing Attention)

Fraser Morrison – Architect, Lecturer, Artist (Contributor to Drawing Attention)

Clement Luk Laurencio – Architectural Designer, Artist (Contributor to Vanishing Points and Drawing Attention)

Eric Wong – Architect, Lecturer, Artist (Contributor to Vanishing Points and Drawing Attention)

Zain Al-Sharaf Wahbeh – Architectural Designer, Artist (Contributor to Vanishing Points and Drawing Attention)

Shawn Adams – Architect, Journalist, Co-Founder of POor Collective (Hosting)



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